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Dog Boarding & Grooming Information

Business Policies and Expectations

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Vaccinations: According to Iowa law we are required to have on record current vaccinations for Rabies and Distemper. In addition we encourage Bordatella preventative for all dogs. This is for protection of all pets and staff. We verify all shot records with the veterinarian on record. If your veterinarian advises a waiver for whatever reason we would need confirmation of that decision.

Appointments: We allot a 3 hour time slot for all pets. That is to allow us time to work with all pets scheduled without stresses that affect the pet or your groom. We will gladly work with clients needs in scheduling, but also ask that clients realize we are selling a service to be performed at a given time and staffing pattern. Late arrivals and/or no shows are costly losses and fees may be assessed. Clients that choose to schedule appointments for the year and maintain attendance are granted a 5% discount on all grooms.

Satisfaction: We strive for the best grooming we can perform with your pet. However, due to the condition of the coat or behavior of the pet sometimes we can only do what the pet will allow. If your pet is not groomed up to your expectations let us know. We will gladly correct our mistake at no charge if reported within one week of the appointment.

Safety Issues: The safety of client, pet and staff is of utmost importance. We will do everything we can for a safe and secure environment in grooming and/or boarding. As the owner, you are required to inform us of any behavior problems (past or present) that we might encounter. We ask that all pets enter the facility on leash so they may be controlled while encountering other people and/or pets.

Fees for Services: The cost of our services is based upon the labor required to perform a standard groom for a given breed in good condition and behavior. Additional fees may have to be assesed for grooms that require more time and/or staff assistance to complete. Please review the "Grooming" page to see all the steps that are taken in a grooming.
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